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A Lisbon-based collective of change-makers sharing knowledge, resources & striving for a responsible and equitable fashion future ✨

Agenda this month

Each month we compile a comprehensive agenda of events, workshops and other things of interest that are going on around us. We hope to raise awareness, support our local community and change the way we interact with our clothes and our environment.

Previous Events: A Day of reimagined Fashion (April 13, 2024)

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part and attended ‘A Day of Reimagined Fashion’.Our workshop, co-hosted by Clube Royale Lisbon kicked off the day with practical and joyful examples on how to do better each day!The expert panel of special guest speakers provided some incredible insight into the industry. And, for everyone who joined us on Saturday, we loved your punchy questions and engagement on the day!Another thank you has to go to @fashionreimagined. The documentary was very well received. Please contact them to find out how you can watch it again or share it with more people.We will continue to host workshops and events. Please get in touch if you are interested in working with us or have an idea you wish to bring to life.Film: @fashionreimagined
Roundtable: @amypowney @tiffdarke @ana.sstavares
Director: @beckyabroad
Brand: @motherofpearl
Production Company: @duck
Event Sponsors: @whynotsoda , @planetlovingcompany @michellepozonspiritualstylist
Event Partners: @goetheinstitut
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The Next Turn Lisbon: @alexisbuehrerdesign @sophtheflamingo @michellepozon_spiritualstylist @tabbyht
Event pictures: @roryraephotography

Mending Sharing & Caring Workshop

We started the day of Reimagined Fashion with an interactive workshop offering practical tips to extend the pleasure of your wardrobe. We shared simple mending ideas and advice for caring for your clothes and fabrics, as well as styling tips to maximize the fun and function of your wardrobe and amplify your everyday style.

Meet the team

Celine Alexis: Freelance Fashion Designer and Consultant on Sustainable and Circular solutions.
As a cross cultural designer, she lived and worked in Switzerland, Paris, New York, Mexico and Lisbon. During the last 12 years, she worked as a Menswear Designer for small brands to big corporations as Surface to Air or Coach.She is now based in Lisbon and focuses on responsible and sustainable projects bringing my expertise to create a positive impact on the industry, society and the planet and help other designers or brands to do so.

Michelle Pozon: Founder of Spiritual Styling and Author of the Beauty Deck
Spiritual Styling is a healing modality founded on personal development & sustainability. By using the closet as a map of one’s wounds & insecurities, Michelle helps her clients identify and release limiting beliefs as they manifest in their closet, thus halting the hamster wheel of retail therapy & buyers remorse. After 20 years as a Fashion Designer, she has alchemised her craft into an effective system that liberates others from the dictates of trends, ageism & self doubt.

Tabby Taylor: Founder of PLC (Planet Loving Company)
Tabby has a diverse background in the fashion industry, starting with recruitment and progressing through to working brand side with luxury companies such as Seren and Cloe Cassandro. A staunch advocate for sustainability, she has consistently integrated eco-friendly initiatives into her roles. The lockdown period spurred Tabby to launch her own venture, PLC, alongside her confidant Alex. This new project is a testament to her dedication to sustainable fashion and her vision for a greener industry.

Sophie Lloyd: Personal shopper and founder of Ziggy Lloyd
Sophie Lloyd started her career in fashion journalism before founding her own personal shopping business, offering insider shopping and design experiences focused on supporting the local “slow” fashion scene. She then went on to create her own line of jackets made in small batches with love, using responsible practices and sustainable / upcycled materials. She has lived and worked in the UK, Shanghai, Buenos Aires and is now based in Lisbon where she hosts various pop ups and strives to inspire people to shop and embrace fashion in a more responsible way.

The Next Turn.Lisbon

Please get in touch if you're interested in holding an event or workshop.


We are delighted to have partnered with the following talented people and organizations, who are aligned with our vision to create a more responsible and equitable fashion future.

  • Amy Powney (UK-based Activist and Creative Director Mother of Pearl)

  • Ana Tavares (CEO RDD Textiles, Portugal)

  • Be A Peach (Solution based platform for agents of change, Portugal)

  • Behen Studio (sustainable fashion designer, Portugal)

  • Clube Royale Lisboa (vintage shop, workshops, pop-ups)

  • Goethe-Institut Portugal (cultural institute)

  • Tiffanie Darke (UK-based Communication and brand specialist)