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Fashion Reimagined

Immerse yourself in a day of Reimagined Fashion. Workshops, Roundtable and a screening of the acclaimed documentary Fashion Reimagined.

Mending Sharing & Caring Workshop

Clube Royale,Sophie Lloyd & Michelle Pozon:

On 13th April start the day of Reimagined Fashion with practical tips to extend the pleasure of your wardrobe with mending & care as well as Styling tips to share what you love with those you love, to maximize the fun & function of your wardrobe and amplify your everyday style.

Round table Discussion with:

Amy Powney, UK based fashion designer, activist, British Vogue columnist and Creative Director of Mother of Pearl, working to inspire the next generation of sustainable fashion designers and change makers.Tiffanie Darke, Director at Story Studios, Communication and brand specialist with the twin passions of luxury and sustainability, believing that the future rests in responsibility to community and environment. Former editor in chief, author and broadcaster. Trustee, SmartWorks.Ana Silva Tavares, CEO of RDD Textiles, a pioneerin the field of sustainable fashion, with a deep commitment to environmental responsibility,revolutionizing the textile industry by integratinginnovative technologies and sustainable practices.Joana Duarte is the Founder and Designer of BÉHEN.
BÉHEN continues to develop ongoing work with craftsmen, ancestral techniques and communities, while investing in the intersection between tradition and technological innovation to ensure know-how longevity.



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